The Air freight segment is a core component of the logistics world. It is in great demand, especially in the fast developing economies in the east and south. Its changing fast and quite differently.

What is carried by air and where the main hotspots are operated today?

High-tech hub sectors are expanding, and their use of air freight will be growing constantly.
We do believe that growth market players will open new routes and invest heavily in their fleets. So we all can make use of it.

If your business diversify the product range and find interesting take over new targets in local road transport, feel free to contact us or get free quote.

Especially if you involved with e-commerce, air freight might be your greatest partner. Customers all over the world naturally expect that goods will be available everywhere and as soon as possible.
Therefor you should look further with the sector, especially with the fast growing material 3D printing sector. Who knows, maybe only non printable’s will be transported over long distances in near future?

In other words, if you wish to succeed increasing efficiency, partnership with Onze partners with small freight airplanes, serving air charter or point-to-point roots.

However customers prefer to buy local products in some countries as a result of environmental awareness. In others, going to a resurgence of patriotism. Most goods are moved by road and rail. The remaining air cargo is carried on passenger flights.