Container transport by rail

Rail container transport is one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport. There is a large rail routes network between the members of the European Union and the whole world. Consequently, more and more customers are choosing to transport freight.

Intermodal services

Today, more and more cargoes are transported in containers because it is convenient, standardized and safe. It is safe for the cargo itself, because the goods are protected against damage and theft. Every container has separate and safe seals, which are cut off only when the target is reached.

Intermodal container

Containers are convenient for storing, loading and transporting. Container cargoes are adapted for intermodal transportation by the most popular modes of transport: dredges – trucks, container semitrailers, ships, air and rail – container trains. All of this contributes to the benefits of shipping containers – secured cargo protection, significantly reduced transportation and storage costs, and fairly accurate delivery times.

Intermodal carriers

ONZE Ltd. offers several container trains for your cargo:

Train „Viking“
Train „Saulė“
Train „Merkurijus“