UAB ONZE offers you to entrust your cargoes to us on land. Roads can reach different parts of the world. Other modes of transport start and end at certain terminals, and car roads are used to secure the connection between terminals (delivery of goods directly to their destination). In essence, it is the only mode of transport providing door-to-door transport.

In addition, car roads provide great maneuverability, it is that every car works conditionally independently of other cars. Again, this is due to the high density of the road network, which guarantees a sufficient number of alternative routes territory.

Plus and minuses for land transport:

  •  high maneuverability;
  •  door-to-door transport;
  • high speed (depending on the density of the road network in the area);
  • the possibility of transporting small consignments of cargo;
  • high cost of transport (due to low vehicle capacity);
  • high pollution and accident.

We can offer you vehicles of all sizes:

■ extremely low charge – up to 0.5 t;
■ low charge – 0.5 to 2 t;
■ Medium charge – 2 to 8 t;
■ high charge – 8 to 16 t;
■ extraordinarily high charge – more than 16 tons.

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