Full cargo transportation by land is not only convenient and fast, but also cost-effective.

Full Truck Load (FTL) – which occupy at least 70% of the transport space. Work takes place from loading, moving and unloading goods, which does not require additional warehousing services. This allows you to shorten the transport time and reduce expenses.

We transport large and small bulk cargoes.We can provide operative and high quality international cargo transportation and logistics services, cargo delivering door-to-door.

We can offer trailers for every need:

  • Jumbo capacity up to 34 euro pallets
  • Tent capacity up to 34 euro pallets
  • Solid pallets with a capacity of up to 34 euro pallets
  • Mega capacity up to 34 Euro pallets
  • Refrigerator capacity up to 33 euro pallets
  • Container platform 2pcs 20 ‘or 1pcs 40’ foot containers
  • Tank capacity up to 20-25 tons


On our website you can find useful information on how many pallets can accommodate different containers and trailers.