The name Ro-Ro comes from Roll-On Roll-Off. This method of loading is intended for the transport of goods which have wheels or are mounted on platforms with wheels. Most often Ro-Ro ships are transported by vehicles, agricultural or mining equipment and railway wagons.

Ferries have integrated port machinery for transporting vehicles, but larger vessels such as car carriers use port infrastructure and are unable to unload cargo independently. The purpose of ro-ro vessels is the transport vehicles by water, where land or air transport do not make sense due to economic or geographical conditions.

On the following routes, the vehicles carrying the vehicles – the car carriers – have a covered deck and have a high height.


  • unloading and loading of ro-ro ferries and car carriers
  • cargo reloading
  • connection and maintenance of refrigerators
  • unloading of wheeled vehicles from railway platforms
  • storage of goods in closed warehouses and yards