Multimodal transport

Freight transport by at least two different modes. Multimodal logistics have two technological systems, regardless of transport modes: Lo-Lo and Ro-Ro.

Ro-Ro is a horizontal loading and unloading, i.e. y when the load itself is being driven or pushed out of the wheel platform without lifting it from the ground. The best example of this technology is the Ro-Ro ferries into which road vehicles enter their course.
Lo-Lo is a vertical loading and unloading, t. y when the cargo is reloaded by lifting it from the ground by special equipment from one vehicle to another. The best example of this technology is the transport of containers from several or railway vehicles to ships.


  • Reduces time losses at transhipment points;
  • Expedite cargo transit;
  • Reduces the burden of document processing and legal formalities;
  • Reduces costs;
  • Reduces export costs.