Affixing tax stamps, stickers, labels, brands

The gluing of tax stamps, stickers, labels, brands is carried out in the warehouse in Klaipeda.

After unloading the customer’s goods in the warehouse rented by UAB Onze , we carry out the marking of goods stored in the warehouse, gluing of tax stamps, stickers, labels, brands, markings.

JSC “Onzė” provides various stickers, information labels, instructions, stamps and marking services. We glue the labels both on each item and on the box or box and palette. We glue stickers on all types of packaging:

  • glass bottles;
  • plastic bottles;
  • Bags;
  • jars;
  • Boxes;
  • Briquettes;
  • tretapaks,
  • vacuum packs.

UAB “Onzė” also layouts and prints stickers on the desired size of the selected label or sticker. All that will have to be done is to send us the text. We will design the sticker and print it. We print texts in all languages. We can print the available equipment in black print on white label paper. With the team of UAB Onze, gluing tax stamps, stickers, labels, brands becomes simple.

We also organize the printing of complex and non-standard labels or stickers. At your request, we will design and print these premium segment ethicists in the printing house. We will help you to print:

  • multi-colored ethics;
  • translucent ethic with text of various colors;
  • labels with white letters on a black background;
  • flip-up information messages from multiple sheets.

Gluing of benderols for alcoholic beverages in warehouses is carried out on the goods of the following alcoholic production:

  • white, fermented and rosé wines,
  • whiskey
  • rum
  • vodka
  • liqueur
  • bitter,
  • cidris,
  • beer
  • champagne
  • a variety of cocktails.

Marking of soft drinks is carried out in accordance with the requirements in force in other countries of the world. We glue stickers for such products:

  • Water
  • fruit watersheds;
  • energy drinks,
  • non-alcoholic wines,
  • non-alcoholic beer,
  • non-alcoholic cider.

If you are interested in pricing for marking goods, gluing tax stamps or sticking a label – be sure to contact us – we will offer a quick service and a quality service. We work according to polished processes, so there will be no breaks or damage with you.

We perform the following services in warehouses:

  • Gluing various stickers;
  • Application of information labels;
  • Gluing tax stamps;
  • Addition of instructions for the use of goods and other printed information;
  • Cargo marking;
  • Addition of promotional products;
  • Branding;
  • Gluing control marks;
  • Marking services.

The affixing of tax stamps, stickers, labels, brands is carried out only according to the customer’s instructions and instructions.

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