Air transport

Goods are transported by air when delivery time frame is short, the destination is difficult to reach by other means of transport, or high-value goods are transported. Air transport can be divided into 4 main groups:

Priority – urgent cargoes with priority (PRIORITY) status assigned by the airline company. Goods carried under this status shall be served without a queue and the first loads shall be carried out on/from the plane. If the flight is delayed or for some reason the plane is unable to take off, the cargo shall be transported to another plane by special truck. The goods shall not be stored. The delivery of such cargo at the airport takes much shorter than usual and the airport of destination is reached with the smallest stoppages and transshipments. The transport time from/to takes approximately 24 – 48 hours.

Conventional – cargo is carried on regular or charter flights. 75 percent of all destination airports are accessible with 1-2 intermediate transshipments, so the transport time takes approximately 3 days.

Combined (air + land) – a rapidly growing mode of air transport, the popularity of which is determined by a significantly lower price, but slightly longer time of transportation compared to air transport only. We can offer a lower rate for consolidated cargo. The principle of consolidation is the connection of small cargoes in one of the airports into one large consignment. All combined cargo is dispatched to the destination airport, and after customs clearance is arranged delivered to customers by land transport. In most cases, the transport of consolidated goods from door to door takes from 9 to 14 days.

Combined (sea + air + land) – when transport by sea takes too long and the cost of transporting cargo by air significantly exceeds your expected amount. Then we use the sea transport to a certain port, deliver cargo to the required airport, and arrange delivery to your designated location. The transport route may vary. The total transport time might vary between 25 and 30 days.