Bulk cargo transportation and cargo

We transport bulk cargoes lithuania, Latvia, Poland. We organize bulk cargo loading processes in baltic ports.

Bulk cargoes are considered not packed small fraction goods, which require sealed containers for transport. Such commodities are usually referred to as all non-stick and non-liquid cargoes, such as:

  • feedstuffs and oil-cakes
  • grains and other agricultural production
  • sand, gravel, rubble
  • fertilizers and other chemicals
  • Salt
  • biofuels, pellets, sawdust

We carry bulk cargoes with dump trucks, walking floor semi-trailers, hopper wagons or bulk carriers. It’s an activity we organize every day and we work even on weekends. Ship loading and discharging operations at Klaipeda port are run 7 days a week, 365 days. On necessary basis terminals are working and on National holidays. All bulk cargo transportation and cargo will be carried out flawlessly and in accordance with all Gafta requirements.

If you transport cereals or other cereals – we will perform grain fumigation on board, warehouse and container.

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