Bulk carriers

Bulk carriers transport solid, dry goods that are resistant to heat and cold, such as metal ores, coal, steel products, wood products, grains or fertilisers. Ships may be equipped with cranes – loading and discharging mechanisms. Since the transport of dry goods does not require special precautions (as required for the transport of liquid and gas), they do not need temperature control equipment. Today, most of the international trade is carried out by thousands of dry hauliers transporting goods to ports around the world.

The category of bulk carriers mainly includes bulkers and container vessels. Bulkers transports bulk cargoes such as metal ores, coal, cement, tin, steel and grain. Cargoes are loaded into the hold of the ship. Container ships are mainly used for the transport of ordinary goods in heterogeneous containers of different sizes rather than bulk cargoes.

Dry goods we carry:

  • scrap metal;
  • coal or charcoal
  • wood;
  • steel products;
  • Grains
  • fertilizers;

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