Career in UAB Onze team

Your career in the UAB Onze team begins with contact.

We grow, we develop, we learn and we teach. So we are sure you will enjoy working in this young, energetic and energetic team. Onze’s team is very diverse, so professionals who are studying, have just graduated or have been operating in the transport sector for decades can also find positions for themselves here. We motivate employees with financial supplements, we are flexible in the issue of working time, we ensure professional development for employees.


We are a responsible team. We care about employees, customers. We care about good working conditions and the motivation and involvement of the employee.
We start with ourselves, because the responsibility for this is – JSC Onze.


We are all different and unique. That’s what we’re strong at. Therefore, strong connections and build long-term partnerships with people or companies.


At work, you either earn or learn. This phrase does not suit us – onze can both earn well and learn a lot.

We are currently looking for reinforcements and we invite you to join and apply for these vacant positions.

Call or send your CV to the contacts below. Onse is waiting for you.