Cargo belts for safe cargo haulage or shipping. In the case of carriage of goods by vessels or containers, the carrier shall not be liable for loading and securing the cargo in the container or vessel so responsibility lies on the shipper or consignor. Unless agreed otherwise.

Container transport is often accompanied by inadequate or insufficient securing of goods in vehicles. The authorities of intermediate transshipment ports, such as Hamburg, Bremerhaven or Rotterdam, are responsible for control of cargo securing for goods moving through the Baltic states. We can take care of securing process and deliver the required amount of belts in incoming vehicle or container for safe securing of the cargo. Our specialists advise on cargo fastening in containers and ships.

Cargo belts are used in several areas:

  • for securing of goods in trailers;
  • for securing of goods in containers;
  • the lashing of extremely heavy goods on board ;
  • for lashing of oversized cargoes;

The belts come in two types: two-piece, which are made with hooks and tensioning mechanism; one part only with a tensioning mechanism.