Cargo shipments in non operated reefers 40’NOR is becoming more and more popular. Quite often happens that container lines accumulate so many 40’HCRF containers in ports that they are not able to arrange shipments of full containers. In this case, it may be necessary to evacuate empty 40’HCRF containers to ports with higher exports demand.  It is fine if such port is nearby, but what if such a port is far away? So the container lines came up with the idea to carry cargo in unconnected 40’RF containers. Such containers are also called 40 “NOR (Non-operating reefer). Today, 40’NOR containers carry packaged cargo such as peat, pellets, fertilizers or others. Usually the price of a 40’NOR is much better than the freight cost of a 40 ‘container. Sometimes the price is even lower than the price of a 20 ‘container freight.

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How many EUR or FIN pallets fit into a 40'NOR container?