Cargo transport by barge Klaipeda Kaunas (Marvele port) Klaipeda is not new in Lithuania, but the lack of infrastructure greatly limits the possibilities of the port.

Marvele Port

The address of the port is Raudondvaris pl. 113, Kaunas. The length of the west quay is 100 m, the length of the eastern quay is 90 m.

The port is used to ensure the parking of ships and the production and economic activity. The port is equipped with a production base for the maintenance of ship’s machinery, where inland waterway vehicles are docked and repaired, and there is also a slipway for unloading ships. However, the port does not yet have a developed infrastructure. In order to load containers, you need to hire a mobile crane, which must work throughout the period of parking the barge in the port. Bulk cargo loading can only be dreamed of for the time being.

However, the availability of funding would also lead to the emergence of infrastructure (cranes, loading machinery, warehouse), and marvele port could become an economical and environmentally friendly component of the transport logistics chain.

One of the most appreciated opportunities of JSC Onze in Marvele port – it would be possible to transport containers with a maximum permissible weight – 29 tons of cargo. In the future, container lines may have a “stock” of containers, but since the area of the quay is rather small, this is unlikely.

Marvele Port
Marvele Port

Inland Waterways Directorate

However, the Inland Waterways Directorate, in cooperation with the owners of cargo ship-barge, plans to continue container cargo transportation in 2021. Of course it will work if the business supports it. Most of all, this inland waterway could be useful for the transport of oversize and heavy goods.

You check on Lithuania’s inland waterways here.

Oversized and heavy cargo handling

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes by barge to Marvele port is a logistics area where JSC Onze specialists can help you. The port has a ship lift facility – slip, unique in its technical capacity – which allows the lifting of cargoes 85 m long, 12 m wide and up to 600 t.

Barge chartering

If you need barge charter for any cargo, contact JSC Onze vessel charter specialists. We will advise on both chartering and loading or discharging issues. We will offer the most optimal transportation options.

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