Cargo warehousing

Cargo warehousing is the activity of storing and handling goods in the warehouse and one of the most important cargo transportation processes. Not all companies can afford to build or purchase an already built warehouse, so they choose a storage service. In this case, there is no need to invest in the construction and operation of the warehouse, but it is possible to engage in its main activities.

In a strategically convenient location – in the city of Klaipeda, we rent and operate 2500 m2 dry warehouses, where loading, warehousing and logistics services for clernets are ensured. Staying in warehouses provides an opportunity to prepare cargo faster and smoother and organize loading work, smoothly organize or form all the necessary documents.

JSC Onze team will be happy to help you find the right solution for your storage needs.

Cargo warehousing
Cargo warehousing


  • Strategically convenient location.
  • Focus on speed and quality of work.
  • Simple to organize processes.


  • Manual loading.
  • Mechanized loading.
  • Pallet loading.
  • Loading of non-standard cargo.
  • Storage of goods and other cargoes in a dry warehouse
  • Storage of goods and other cargoes in the storage area.
  • Quantity and quality control.
  • Selection and sorting of goods.
  • Labeling and packaging services.
  • Customs brokerage services.
  • Cargo marking.
  • Packaging.
  • Marking with labels, tax stamps.
  • Stamping.
  • Weighing.
  • Measurement.
  • Cross-dock services.


  • Bonded They store a variety of goods that do not have the status of the European Union. During such storage, the goods are not subject to import duties and taxes.
  • Public Warehouses can contain goods which have the status of the European Union. In a public warehouses, logistics services are carried out incessantly, such as sorting preparation for transport or trade.


Depending on your needs, we carry out the storage of goods for the following cargoes:

  • For the pale.
  • For the unlettered (manual loading).
  • For nagabaritic or non-standard.

For cooperation, please contact the employee of UAB Onze.