Packing bags from woven polypropylene for you and your business.

Packing bags made of woven polypropylene are used in various areas: agriculture, chemistry, food industry, construction and where a particularly durable packaging is needed. Such bags are very popular, because their capacity is optimal. A wide variety of products can be stored and transported in such bags:

  • various beads;
  • sugar;
  • compound feedstuffs;
  • cereals and seeds;
  • fertilizers;
  • sand;
  • flour;
  • building materials;
  • waste;
  • coal;
  • salt;

Advantages of PP bags:

  • different dimensions;
  • varying strength;
  • different colors;
  • different densities and weave;
  • with UV protection or without;
  • moisture impermeable (with PE insert);
  • with an automatic closing valve or with a drawstring;
  • with monochrome printing on the bag;
  • with multi-color printing on the bag

PP bags can be made according to the wishes and needs of each customer, meeting the requirements for their packaged products.

Technical specifications :

For food grains:

Size – length 1000 mm, width 570 mm for 50 kg packing. (According to IS-14887)
Size – length 650 mm, width 480 mm for 25 kg packing. (According to IS-16208)
Open top, bottom sewn.
Bags can be immediately made with the necessary color. Any color printing on the bag is available.


Size – length 915 mm, width 610 mm for 50 kg package (according to IS – 9755)
Open top, bottom sewn. The bag is properly laminated inside or outside PP/LDPE.
Bags can be immediately made with the necessary color. Any color printing on the bag is available.

For cements:

Size – length 710 mm, width 480 mm with self-closing valve for packaging 50 kg (according to IS-11652)
Weight of 70-75 GM per bag.
Bags can be immediately made with the necessary pals. Any color printing on the bag is available.


Size – length 900 mm, width 590 mm for packaging 50 kg (according to IS-14968)
Size – length 630 mm, width 480 mm, packing 25 kg
Open mouth or upper part.
A separate 25 micron thick pad bag from the inside can be stitched at the bottom or top of the bag.
Bags can be produced in any color and can be printed in any color.

For sand:

Size – length 840 mm, width 380 mm for packaging 50 kg (according to IS-14252)
Used for soil erosion control, flood control and almost any type of reinforcement projects.
The bags are made of white woven polypropylene with UV protection and tie string.


if necessary, we will unload the goods into warehouses , we will pack into bags of the required size or large bags, we will sift the bags. We can load on pallets and/or load on the right vehicle (ship; railway wagon; container or car transport), we will deliver your customer to the door.