Stretch film, it is thin, elastic and easy to use packing material. The unique features of the film allow it to perfectly replicate the shape of different surfaces and fit easily. The film clings to any surfaces. This packaging film is used for the packaging of individual products or boxes in group packaging, reinforcement of large loads on pallets, protection of goods against dust, mechanical damage or theft.

The film we offer is different from the standard stretch film. It is already being sold streched so you will no longer need to stretch it. Just need to just lightly strain and wrap around the pallet. The film will return to its original form and will become tense. This film is sometimes called a pre-stretch film.

As we have experience in transporting and loading various loads, we could make a number of recommendations and observations for a better packaging process:

  • Starting with packing from the bottom, we recommend turning the roll horizontally so that the film fits better to the tray and does not tear by wrapping through sharp corners.
  • the film roll can be thrown – it does not tear;
  • films are made in different thicknesses and widths, so each packaging may require a different film:
  • non-transparent film hides valuable products during transportation and thus slightly protects against theft;
  • the film helps to protect the packaging from direct UV rays.

Pre-stretched packing film is made of LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene). Our stretch film has the following characteristics:

  • easy use – the film no longer needs to be stretched;
  • faster work – less physical effort;
  • ensure robust and stable packaging;
  • low consumption and packaging costs of the film;
  • protection against dirt, dust, moisture and scratches;
  • small waste packaging taxes;
  • the used film can be recycled;