Container Train Viking

Viking container train or Viking train is a joint project of railways, port stevedoring companies and the ports of Klaipeda, Odessa and Ilyichevsk, connecting the Baltic seas and the Black Sea by rail. Intermodal train “Viking” is an economical and fast delivery of cargo in Klaipeda – Minsk – Ilyichevsk and back.  The Viking train can carry 20 and 40 feet of standard and specialized containers. The train is formed 3 times a week. Depending on the amount of cargo, trains can be formed more often and less frequently.

Data and benefits:

  • The full route (1734 km) is overcome in 52 hours.
  • Fixed schedule, reduced transit time
  • Regularity – 3 times a week (in the case of a sufficient amount of cargo – daily);
  • Average speed – 770 km per day;
  • Intermodal solutions (door-to-door delivery);
  • Product security
  • Simplified customs and border procedures
  • Linking the Baltic and Black Sea
  • Environmentally friendly

For the delivery or pick up of the cargo, please contact our specialists today.