How many pallets fits in a 20ft container?

The 30’BC dry bulk container is special containers for bulk cargoes transportation. It meets the ISO standards as well and has CSC certification. Besides transportation purposes, this type is also ideal as a storage container. There are several types of dry bulk boxes:

• Pressurised cylindrical silo container: a single-compartment vessel built:
Into a container frame and designed for top loading and for discharge by air pressure and tipping.

• Pressurised dry bulk box container: a single-compartment tank container:
Designed for top loading and for discharge by air pressure and tipping.

• Unpressurised dry bulk box container: a freight container specifically
adapted to carry dry bulk cargo e.g. alu-box containers and bag-in-box containers. Bag-in-box dry bulk containers contain a liner (i.e. a bag with the size of the container), equipped with fill and discharge spouts. Whereas loading is done over the top, discharge is usually done by gravity by tipping the container and using rotary valves..


  • Suitable as storage and/or shipping container
  • Easy loading from the top
  • Easy unloading from the back
  • Suitable for bulk cargoes


Please check full container capacity chart here