Containerized cargo transport

JSC “ONZE” offers comprehensive services related to the transportation of sea containers. The transport of containerized cargo can be arranged to various containers. We provide services from pick-up at your required place to the customer’s preferred delivery point. This is also known as door-to-door delivery.

Importance of containerization

It is already customary to see fresh food grown or caught in another part of the world in nearest supermarket. More recently, this would have been unseen matter cause everything was produced close to the consumer. Again, it was not profitable to transport goods over long distances and only luxury and specialized goods were transported from abroad.

Start of containerization

Everything changed on April 26, 1956, when M/L Ideal X, a redesigned World War II tanker, left Newark, New Jersey, for a trip. This trip was so special that for the first time in history, the ship’s cargo was packed in containers, not just freely placed in the hold. It seems like a simple and insignificant concept, but this idea has changed our world.

Advantages of containerization

One of the most remarkable aspects of the container transport system is that it has become universal. We cannot agree on a uniform standard for the power plug or on which side of the road to drive, but we have agreed that containers of the same size will be used worldwide. Containerization was the largest engine for the development of the world’s economic and trade network. The intermodal container reduced the time spent transporting from Europe to Asia by doubling the speed of travel. Ships can actually sail faster, although this would raise transport costs. The average speed of today’s cargo ships is 15 knots and it is unlikely that this speed will increase in the near future.

Containerization today

Today is already unthinkable without the free movement of goods in containers. Shipments have decreased and large vessels are replaced by continuous, constant and regular container service. We can load the container wherever we want and take it anywhere in the world whenever we want.

We offer containers of different sizes:

  • standard 20′, 40′ and 45′ feet
  • 40′ and 45′ feet
  • refrigerators 20′, 40′ and 45′ feet
  • open platforms 20′ and 40′ feet
  • open top 20′, 40′ and 45′ feet
  • tank containers 20′ feet

Not sure how many pallets fit into each of these containers? A chart of the capacity of all containers can be found here.

We also provide the following services to our customers:

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