For what corrugated cardboard palette and cardboard coriander filler is it used for? Have you ever encountered cargo damage upon arrival at discharge place? If so, you understand it might lead to not only financial losses but also trouble with the customer or even customers. Sometimes, such an unpleasant situation can end up with the loss of a client, but there is also the possibility of another scenario – to get involved in long-running legal disputes, which can last for years and cost round sums of money. Not only the reputation of the company might suffer, but also all the emotional background in the company itself.

Corrugated cardboard pallets

Corrugated cardboard pallet

Therefore, in order to prevent such a scenario from occurring, it is advisable to take care in advance of the physical protection of the load against external factors such as friction, shocks, or the work of the loader during discharge or loading or vibration. Very common are cargo damages during the dispatch of goods by rail. Corrugated cardboard filler is an excellent tool for protecting cargo. If you are transporting cargoes in bags or big bags with prepackaged bulk loads, such as fertilizers or cereals, in rail cars, this solution is for you. JSC ONZE can offer you various dimensions of corrugated cardboard pallets and corrugated cardboard filler for safe transportation of cargo. It is advisable to use this cargo protection device with an additional load guard – a liner installed in the vehicle.

We offer:

  • Articles of brown or white corrugated board of 3, 5 or 7 layers;
  • corrugated cardboard pallets
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes of different sizes with prints on them;
  • corrugated cardboard filler for cargo protection in vehicles;
  • corrugated cardboard plate;

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