What are cross trade carriages?

Cross-trade shipments are defined as shipments where the cargo is transported from the place of origin to the place of destination and without entering the country where the seller of the goods is registered. Such trading transactions are also called crossovers.

What cross trade carriages do we organize?

JSC Onze organizes cross trade transportation by sea and land transport. This is a popular method of transporting goods in today’s trading world.

JSC Onze cross trade transportation services

With the help of international networks, we can transport cargo from anywhere in the world to any destination. Local agents have the experience and in-depth knowledge of the local market necessary to carry out logistics activities in the represented states. And of course, they speak the local language, so communication and presentation of information to both the seamstress and the customer will be quick and smooth.

We provide a wide range of cross trade freight services, including documentation filling and replacement services. We transport cargoes in containers, awnings, organize the transportation of frozen cargoes, oversized cargoes on the necessary routes.

How it all happens

Company B (intermediary) is the owner of the transaction, which is the buyer for company A and the seller to company C. The broker acts on his own behalf and acquires the goods, otherwise he would act under the International Commercial Brokerage Agreement and would not have the obligation to calculate VAT.

The following types of Cross trade can currently be carried out:

Triangular operations within the EU: between the countries of the European Union.
Mixed triangular (outside the Community) operations: the manufacturer or buyer is not part of the EU, but the remaining persons involved in a triangular foreign trade operation do so.
Pure (outside the Community) triangular operations: the producer and the buyer are not part of the EU, but the brokerage company is located in the EU.

We have conducted various trading operations so we have extensive experience and can advise you about cross trade trading. We offer you the following solutions:

Issue of bill of lading or AWB
Specific documentation for each type of goods
Documents on the origin of goods
Requirements for documents to be executed by each country
Requirements in the documentation when used in purchase operations and letters of credit
The use of incoterm conditions in two sales transactions

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