The service provided by JSC Onze – express delivery of cargo and parcels in Lithuania and Europe – was formed from the need of our customers. Some existing customers simply demanded very fast delivery of goods and were willing to pay more for the speed. Because they need delivery fast.

Therefore, we organize cargo and parcel haulage from Lithuania to the right foreign country. We leave immediately after agreeing on the the conditions, loading and unloading dates and times. We take cargoes from anywhere in Lithuania. We deliver cargo to any place in Europe.

Cargoes we carry

We transport various shipments, household appliances, building materials, motorcycles, furniture and other small and oversized cargoes. The fleet consists of tent and hard-edged minibuses. Convenient loading of transport vehicles is possible both at the end and sideways.

Very fast (EXPRESS) cargo delivery

Very fast (express) cargo delivery by minibuses is organized by both one and two drivers. We transport cargoes both around Lithuania and to other European countries (international and local small cargo transportation).

Rest of drivers

When organising logistics processes and works, we comply with all provisions of EU Regulation 561/2006. You can read more about the rest of the drivers here.

Services provided:


All cargoes are covered by CMR insurance, and all our carriers must also be covered by civil liability insurance.

Save your time. Contact UAB Onze land cargo departments for express delivery of your cargo in Lithuania and Europe today.