Fleksitank for liquid products

JSC ONZE offers flexitank for the transport and storage of liquid products.

Fleksitank for liquid products – a flexible and robust capacity made of plastic, which is fixed in a standard 20′ foot marine container and then filled with cargo. The advantages of this package – flexibility and light weight. In flexi tank containers can transported non-hazardous liquids (juice, water, oil, lubricants, etc.). Their capacity ranges from 14,000 to 24,000 liters. According to the density of the load, we will select the optimal flexitank for you needs.

There are several types of flexitanks on the market – single-layered and multi-layered. Single-layer flexitanks are made of solid-thick polyethylene film and can withstand highest loads. Their price differs significantly from multi-layer flexi tanks. Multi-layer flexi tanks consist of many layers of thin polyethylene. They are softer and more flexible than single-layer flexitanks.

Unfilled flexitank containers are easily transported because they are packed in a box and placed on a palette. If you order the transportation of cargo with us, we will select the right container, install the flexitank and send to the customer fully prepared vehicle. After unloading, we take care of utilization of the used one.

Our company can also transport other liquid cargo in tank containers or tank wagons. Contact us!

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