Flexitanks for semi-trailers

Semi-trailer flexitank for transport by road is an alternative to transport by road tankers. If you carry liquid products so most likely you have had to face very expensive transport costs, because some carriers did not had the return cargo and the cost of transport was very high. For this reason no sale occurred and the contract could not be signed. This is valid only for those goods, which need to be transported over long distances. The second problem faced by liquid cargoes traders is the cost of unclean containers and washing before loading the liquid load. After unloading, the vehicle tank should also be washed. All these operations are included in the cost of transport and even slows down the loading and transport process itself.

However, there are a solutions on the market – flexitank.

Flexitank stands for a soft container of single use. It is used for the transport of non-hazardous liquid products in standard semitrailers. It is a specially designed insert for the transport of liquid loads in conventional semi-trailers. The main advantages: no need for special transport and high loading speed. The use of flexitank does not require temporary storage, it can be utilized and recycled. Also, such a type of flexitank would help to achieve:

  • ease of loading;
  • haulage to remote regions;
  • there is no risk of ecological contamination;
  • does not displace the walls of the trailer because it does not touch it.


A couple of men can install it in less than 10 minutes. To prepare a container for use, it is necessary to lay down a cardboard base. Then pull it out of the package, place inside the trailer and fasten with belts.

Loading and unloading:

Flexitank should be loaded step by step so that the load is distributed equally across all sections. So loading the entire capacity of cargo can take from 1 to 4 hours.

During the transport of goods in a flexitank, container shall not be allowed to transship to another vehicle and exceed the maximum vehicle speed in order to avoid accidents. During loading and transport, continuous weight control should be carried out and the instructions how to carry liquid products in soft packaging should be taken into account. Fully loaded flexitank should not reach a maximum of 0.6 m in height.

Technical characteristics:

  • Volume from 16000 liters to 24000 liters;
  • Size 3050 х 13200 mm;
  • Food valves come in 2 and 3 inches and are made of polypropylene.