Covered goods wagon

covered wagon

Covered goods wagon

Transportation of goods by rail in covered goods wagons is one of the most widely used methods for the transportation of industrial goods. In the cargo transportation process, there is often a need to protect the cargo from adverse weather conditions, various damages or theft.

For this purpose the most suitable is the covered goods wagons. These wagons shall be used for the transport of non-standard and bulk cargoes requiring protection. The construction of this type of wagon (continuous enlarged metal bodywork, hatches and doors) is perfectly suited for loading and unloading of loads.

Technical data:

Standard wagon: Enlarged wagon:

  • Length 13.8 m – 16.08 m
  • Width 2.76 m – 2.77 m
  • Height 2.79 m – 3.05 m
  • Volume 120 m³ – 138 m³