Refrigerated wagon

refrigerator wagon

Refrigerated wagon

The refrigerated wagon is used to carry goods for which temperature maintenance is required for safety. Possible temperature support from +14 to -20 degrees.

In most cases, refrigerated wagons are transported in groups of 4 or 5 wagons and where 1 wagon is used for temperature support equipment and personnel supervising this equipment.

There are also autonomous single-wagon reefers, but their number in the fleet of shared wagons is very small.

Isothermic wagons are with insulated wagon walls, very similar in the exterior to reefer wagons. They do not have refrigeration equipment installed and are used only for the transport of goods which are susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

Technical data (internal dimensions):

  • Length 17.84 m
  • Width 2.54 m
  • Height 2.51 m
  • Volume 108 l