High-speed container trains from China to Europe

High-speed container trains from China to Europe run regularly and punctually. Our company saves your time and transports cargo by container trains from the People’s Republic of China. After all, we all know that time = money. Thus, when transporting cargo from the PRC by train, you will save time and money – you will not freeze monetary funds.

Fast transit time

The train loads reaches the target more quickly, and the cost of the service we provide is an intermediate option between air and maritime transport. The average transport time from door to door is 21-25 days. It’s about three times faster than carrying by sea but about two times longer if compared to an airplane transit times.

Transportation cost

The cost of rail transportation is more expensive than for transportation by sea transport but much cheaper compared to air transport.

Freight transport from all over China

With the help of reliable partners, we transport cargo throughout the territory of China, so we can take care of picking up cargo from the door and a full package of documents. We organize the transportation of both full (FCL) containers and partial (LCL) cargoes from the factory or warehouse to the required railway terminal.

The main train stations in China with which we work: Wuhan, Chengdu, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Xiamen, Xiʼan, Hefei.

The main cargo stations in Europe: Vilnius, Łódź, Warsaw, Malaševice, Brest, Hamburg.

Container transportation by high-speed trains from China
High-speed container trains from China to Europe

Maritime lines raise prices and there are no space available on vessels. What is the solution?

To transport urgent goods by rail, and to try to take out the rest of the cargo by sea transport. Because as container lines have increased the cost of sea transportation, the transportation of containers by high-speed trains from the People’s Republic of China has shot up. And as supply chains continue to break down, train transportation prices have risen in proportion to demand. Because the amount of cargo that can be transported by rail is still very small compared to the amount of cargo that can be transported by sea transport…

High-speed container trains shall mean:

  • High transport speed
  • Attractive price
  • Clear transit time
  • Cargo safety
  • Environmentally friendly mode of transport

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