High-speed container trains from China to Europe

High-speed container trains from China to Europe run regularly and punctually. Our company services saves transit time so we recommend transporting cargo by train from the People’s Republic of China. We all know that time = money. So when you order goods delivery from the PRC by train, you will also save money. The train loads reaches the target more quickly, and the cost of the service we provide is an intermediate option between air and maritime transport. The average transport time from door to door is 21-25 days. It’s about three times faster than carrying by sea but about two times longer if compared to an airplane transit times. The cost of rail transport is about 4 times more expensive then delivery by sea, but about 4 times cheaper than air transport.

We collect cargo throughout China so we can arrange pick-up of cargo from the door and a also issue complete package of documents. We organize both full containers (FCL) and partial (LCL) cargo transportation.

Main container train stations in China are: Wuhan, Chengdu, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Xiamen, Xiʼan, Hefei.

Main cargo stations in Europe: Lodz, Warsaw, Malashevice, Brest, Hamburg, Vilnius.

High-speed container trains shall mean:

  • High transport speed
  • Attractive price
  • Clear transit time
  • Cargo safety
  • Environmentally friendly mode of transport

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