“Vilnius Shuttle” is a shuttle container train Klaipeda – Vilnius – Klaipeda. Intermodal train Klaipeda – Vilnius – Klaipeda  starts at Klaipeda port and reaches Vilnius five times a week. Thereafter quick and safe door delivery of containers are arranged by truck. Train transit time is 9 hours.

In addition to significant financial benefit, customers also benefit from:

  • the goods are transported according to a strictly defined timetable;
  • easy planning of container delivery times;
  • easy warehouse working time planning;
  • the possibility to order large quantities of cargoes   and/or split delivery into several days;
  • delivery radius served up to 50 km from the station;
  • the import and export flows served;
  • all relevant documentation will be formed by default;
  • the possibility of cargo storage at the station;
  • transport of very heavy containers (28 -29 tonnes net weight)

Intermodal train Klaipeda – Vilnius – Klaipeda is a great alternative to carry goods in a different way. Try.