Dismantling and loading of heavy machinery into containers

JSC Onze carries out the dismantling and containerization of heavy machinery and equipment. In ports we perform the following services:

  • loading and transport of heavy machinery in containers for all brands and models,
  • loading of boats, yachts, ships into containers and further transport,
  • loading and stripping of passenger cars and lorries in containers.

If you are transporting or preparing to transport goods by sea, it is essential that they are properly loaded, packaged, secured, blocked in accordance with all maritime standards. Contact us if you want to get a proposal for disassembly and containerization of heavy machinery.

All heavy machinery does not need to travel on its own course, by low-bed trailer or chartering a partial or full vessel. We will disassemble and load the heavy machinery, lash it and do all the additional work. If the machinery can not be disassembled, or the amount of equipment is very large – we will offer transport by RO-RO or bulk carriers.

We can also unload all the equipment that arrives from containers with special heavy lifters. We also carry out technical unlashing and unloading work from railway platforms.

RORO cargoes loading on board
RORO cargoes loading on board

Dismantling of heavy machinery and loading into containers has many advantages:

  • reliability and security,
  • reasonable price,
  • small batches are possible,
  • containers of different sizes can be compiled.

Depending on the size and weights of the equipment to be transported, we load heavy machinery into/on:

We arrange haulage of all heavy machinery by railway platforms or low bed trailers.

Contact JSC Onze specialists today and get an attractive offer for heavy duty cargoes and container transportation.