Ship Chartering

Chartering ships is a complex and knowledge-intensive mode of transport. Our services cover all aspects of ship chartering. We offer charter agreements for all types of ships, including both full and partial chartering,consistent chartering conditions based on shipping contracts. We provide exclusive mediation services to our customers worldwide. Brokers specialize in both bulk and heavy goods transportation. They are well-placed in the charter markets and can provide their customers with the most accurate information about the market, based on their intuitive business knowledge and individual chartering requirements.

We offer our customers:

  • the optimal transportation mode for the cargo;
  • analysis of the positions of ships;
  • optimal transportation costs;
  • maritime shipping procedures;
  • adviceon legal or existing practices in maritime contracts or charter parties;

As outsourcing agents – brokers, we communicate directly with our partners to ensure flexibility, low costs and rapid response time.

We charter:

  • Bulk and breakbulk carriers;
  • Heavy lift vessels for heavy goods and oversize cargoes shipping;
  • Ro-Ro ships;
  • Tugboats and barges.

We also provide loading and storage services in loading and unloading ports. You can learn more about loading services here.

Our services:

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