Shipment of frozen products

JSC ONZE arrange shipment frozen or temperature-controlled goods and products. The transport of frozen products by land is carried out in refrigerator semi-trailers with refrigeration units. Most often, fruits, vegetables and all other perishable products are transported. We transport frozen full and partial cargoes in Lithuania, the European Union and in CIS countries. For partial loads, we use two-chamber refrigerators so two temperature levels can be maintained at the same time. We also arrange haulage of containers with a GENSET.

Vehicles used:

  • refrigerators up to 92 m3   (33 euro palettes);
  • road trains refrigerators up to 120 m3 (37 euro palette). Different temperature modes in each trailer;
  • refrigerators with two different temperature mode cameras in one semi-trailer. Up to 92 m3   (33 euro palettes);

We transport REF containers. We connect electrical generator to maintain steady temperature levels.

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