Transportation of partial cargo (LTL)

Among the clients of JSC ONZE most popular service – the transportation of partial cargoes LTL. We provide services in the Baltic states, CIS and European territories.

Transportation of partial cargoes in LTL is a convenient way of transportingsmall parcels of goods, so the vehicle is filled with the goods of two or more customers. This mode of transportation is especially effectivewhen it comes to regularly transport of small batches of goods. This practice is becoming more popular because it is not necessary to store large quantities of goods. This saves not only storage costs but also customers need less working capital.

JSC Onze employees use several partial cargo transportation modes.

Through consolidation warehouses

At the address specified by the customer, we take the cargo and transport it to the territorial warehouse of the origin country and we transport load to the central warehouse. Load shall be consolidated with other goods transported to the destination country and dispatched to the central warehouse of that country. From here, the cargo reaches the destination on average within 24 hours.

Without consolidation warehouse

At the address specified by the customer, we take the cargo and transport it directly to the country of delivery together with other partial cargoes collected in that country. In most cases, the same vehicle also performs a delivery service for the recipient.

International partial cargo transportation in Europe

We collect partial cargoes in England, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Benelux, Baltic countries and Scandinavia. We also work with CIS countries, but due to the long customs clearance procedures, this is not our favorite direction. We carry the largest number of cargoes to/from the CIS – FTL.

Preliminary transit time by country from /to Lithuania

  • England, Spain, Italy, Austria, 5-6 days.
  • Benelux countries 4-5 days.
  • Baltic states- 1-2 days.
  • Scandinavian countries- 4-5 days.
  • CIS countries- 3-10 days.

Do you have regular partial cargo flows? Contact our specialists and get an attractive offer today. Save your time and all the troubles associated with the load, trust us.