The loading and storage of frozen fish, organized by the hands of the employees of UAB Onze, is only one of the many services of the service company. The company organizes the loading of frozen fish from ships, surver services, transportation to refrigerators, rental of the refrigerator area and full documentation of arrival and departure. You will no longer have to worry about these services, because we will provide all services in a one-stop shop.

We organize:

  • Agency and berthing of the ship to the required berth in Klaipeda;
  • The necessary port documentation and procedures (BDK, PRK, KDA);
  • Unloading frozen fish at the selected terminal (hook or FAS conditions);
  • The loading of pallets onto the vessel after the fish is unloaded;
  • Services of an unincorporated surver for fixing the quantity, quality and damage of the cargo;
  • Transport by REF semi-trailers to selected warehouses;
  • Unloading in temperature warehouses with vmvt permission to store frozen cargo;
  • Required customs procedures (T1, placing in warehouse 7100, reexport)
  • the issue of veterinary transit documents;
  • Unloading of frozen fish in warehouses, reconciliation of the quantity with documents;
  • Storage of pallets in temperature warehouses until departure;
  • Loading frozen fish into the right vehicle;
  • Departure documentation;
  • The conclusion of the necessary contracts with suppliers.

Experienced employees of the company also organize the unloading of frozen fish from containers, transportation of containers to warehouses and organize a sea freight.

For cargo in containers we organize:

  • Sea freight REF in containers for import or export
  • Customs procedures
  • Delivery of cargo in containers to the warehouse – Klaipeda port container terminal;
  • Transportation of heavy containers;
  • Veterinary documents;
  • Customs documentation;
  • the withdrawal of the certificate of origin;
  • Manual and mechanized unloading of frozen products in refrigerators;
  • Warehousing services in warehouses;
  • Redeployment of frozen fish;
  • Organization of loading on the arriving transport;
  • A complete package of departure documents.

Lithuania is a transit country, therefore, the loading and storage of frozen fish is organized on behalf of both Lithuanian and foreign companies.

Loading and storing frozen fish with UAB Onze specialists becomes simpler and easier. Contact.