Marine surveyor services

In cargo operations there is always a risk of damage, contamination or destruction of the cargo. Sometimes in a ship chartering process is incorrectly described cargo, condition, specification or quantity of cargo. And there is always a chance that something will not go according to plan or desire. Marine surveyor services help to avoid such problems. It becomes possible to intervene and prevent them. Our experienced team has been working only with experienced marine surveyors for a number of years, so we will give you the most optimal offer. Contact us if there is an accident, or need to substantiate your claim or prove the ship’s fitness or vice versa. The marine surveyors work for you to help solve the difficult situations and compensate for losses and reduce financial damage.


  • All types of cargo surveys;
  • Determination of quantity and quality of cargo(general loads, bulk goods, containerised goods, frozen goods, fruit and perishable goods);
  • Maintenance of loading/discharging works;
  • Inspection of the condition of the load before and after transport;
  • Pick-up of cargo samples;
  • Laboratory tests;
  • Determination of cargo by ship’s draught (draft surveys)
  • Verification of the tightness of the hold;
  • Hold cleanliness/fitness inspectorate (LCI);
  • Maintenance of cargo arrangement and fastening.

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