Mobile crane rental for cargo operations in Lithuania is an additional service provided by JSC Onze to over-sized cargo carriers, importers and exporters. Crane rental service is available only in Lithuania. Since we also have a network of long-term partners in Lithuania, we can organize loading services practically even at any point and even at any time. At our disposal cranes from 40 to 200 tons and the maximum length of the fertilizer is 50 meters.

Since we provide our customers with various services related to cargo transportation by land, sea and rail – sometimes we need the rent of a forklift truck or assistance with a load mobile crane. Most often, mobile crane services are needed when loading various over-sized and heavy loads. After all, it is very important that the mobile crane is in the loading area at the time when people or vehicles arrive.

The selection of a mobile crane for load operations is possible only with accurate knowledge of cargo gauges and weights. Depending on the place of loading, cargo gauge and weight, distance, we will choose the most optimal mobile crane model and order it for the planned transportation date and time.

With the help of a mobile crane, we provide the following services:

  • Loading and unloading of tent semi-trailers,
  • loading and unloading of 20’FR and 20′ OT containers directly onto the vehicle,
  • loading and unloading of 40’FR and 40’OT containers directly onto the vehicle,
  • loading and unloading of 45’FR and 45’FR containers directly onto the vehicle,
  • Loading and unloading of low-bed semi-trailers,
  • Unloading and loading of all types of containers on container shasi,
  • Placing containers in stacks,
  • Placing containers doors up (for loading bulk cargo),
  • Load of over-sized and heavy goods on/off railway platforms,
  • Loading of all types of containers on/off rolling stock,
  • Load of semi-trailers on rolling stock.

The service mobile crane rental for loading operations in Lithuania should be ordered at least one week from the desired loading date. We highly recommend that you send your request as early as possible. The occupancy of cranes at this time is high enough to guarantee that we will only be able to provide you with the necessary parameters mobile crane at the desired time only upon prior request.

Contact JSC Onze specialists for mobile crane rental for loading operations today.