New and used big bags in Klaipeda for you and your business. Big-bags or FIBC, is also known as soft containers commonly used for the packing and packaging and transport of bulk products such as fertilizers, grains, wood, sawdust, variuos pellets and various primary or secondary raw materials. This is a widespread type of packaging for the use of large quantities of bulk products. It can also be a convenient packaging for construction or other waste.There are a wide range of dimensions and load capacity big-bags and big-bags can be filled more than once.

The secondary use of big bags can be applied in many areas such as biofuels, feed crops, secondary raw materials. This is a cheaper and less polluting solution for your business. Unlike new big-bags, the used ones cannot be used for the packaging of foodstuffs.

4-loop bigbag

New and used big bags are available in Klaipeda and are made from durable polypropylene fabric.

Basic parameters of the items:

  • Lifting handles 4;
  • Made of laminated or non laminated fabric;
  • With or without polyethylene liner;
  • SWL (safe loading weight) – from 500kg. up to 2000kg;
  • SF (safety factor) – 5:1;
  • Various filling-tipping configurations are available;
  • With a sewn envelope for documents;
  • The possibility of “anti-pollinating” stitches for package of particularly small products;
  • It is possible to print on bags up to 4 colors.
  • Q-bag type with internal partitions.

1-2 loops grandbag

We sell 1-2 loops of bigbags made of non-laminated polypropylene fabric. Suitable for bulk products, mainly used for fertilizers such as ammonium sulphate, DAP, urea, etc.


  • One or two lifting handles – loops;
  • Polyethylene lainer (may be without);
  • SWL – from 500kg. up to 1000kg;
  • SF (Safety factor 5:1);
  • Document pocket;
  • Bottom – sewn, flat, “H” shape;

Ventilated big bags:

We sell ventilated big bags, which are designed for storing vegetables in large quantities, the bag has special ventilated strips that allow the products to breathe. The goods due to these strips retains good properties for longer.

Types of filling possible: fully opened top “skirt”, open top.

Types of discharge: closed bottom or with a tipping “sleeve”.


  • Four lifting handles – loops;
  • Ventilated fabric;
  • SWL (safe loading weight) – from 1000kg. up to 2000kg;
  • SF (safety factor) – 5:1;
  • Pocket for documents.