Partial cargo (less container load) (LCL) transport

Partial cargo (less container load) (LCL) transport s becoming an important branch of freight transport, as not only the cost of transportation or thequality of transportation, but also the quantity and speed of transportation, is important for the customer. As a result, the way in which freight transport has changed and the structure has changed. Customers do not invest in large warehouses where large quantities of different goods can be stored. Customers often choose to replenish warehouses with small quantities of goods, which has greatly increased transport orders for smaller cargoes. Today, the partial cargo service is in high demand. This allows stock up warehouses to minimum stock levels of cargoes without large investments.

How we consolidate partial loads

Ordered goods collected together with other loadsuntil the required weight or volume is reached. The goods are therefore loaded for transport to a container which is further transported by sea or by rail. When items reach the port or terminal of destination, goods are sorted and distributed to each customer individually.

Maritime transport

Maritime transport of partial cargoes in containers (LCL) is a mode of transport of partial goods, which, do not fill a complete 20 or 40 ft container by volume or weight. Partial freight transport has several advantages over fully loaded containers FCL:

  • The transport price is divided into several parts that depend on the capacity of items in the container.
  • The price depends not only on the volume but also on the weight. Additional fee of 1m3 >1000kg (LCL load density fee)
  • You don’t need to wait until full container of goods is collected
  • Partial loads can be downloaded from all over the world

Rail transport by high-speed trains

Partial freight transport by rail high-speed trains is gaining popularity with every day. We consolidate cargoat china’s main railway hubs: Wuhan, Chengdu, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Xiamen, Xiʼan, Hefei. We transport cargo from the People’s Republic of China to both Lithuania and other European cities. Transport by rail transport travels three times faster than by sea.

Air transport

Partial carriage by air is much faster than transport by other modes of transport and transport by air only when the transport time must be short or the destination is difficult to reach by other means of transport. However, this is the most expensive way to transport goods.

Road transport

Partial cargo transportation by road transport is a convenient way to transportsmall cargoes , when the road transport is filled with goods of two or more customers. This mode of transportation is especially effectivewhen it comes to regularly transport of small batches of goods. This practice is becoming more popular because it is not necessary to store large quantities of goods. This saves not only storage costs but also customers need less working capital.

Economies of scale

For companies that often carry partial loads, we offer economies of scale. Our bulk containers guarantee that your cargo will be transported at competitive prices at optimal transit times and delivered reliably to the consignee on a specified date. Additional value-added services, such as customs clearance and internal logistics at the place of origin or destination, make your logistics even easier.

Our flexible solutions are based on a global network of agents and years of experience in maritime, land, rail and road freight. For decades, we have provided innovative solutions to our customers wherever they are. This makes us one of the world’s leading partial suppliers of freight.

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