Who needs a phytosanitary certificate?

A phytosanitary certificate is required for all products of plant origin such as cereals, fruits, potatoes, nuts, etc. The certificate will be required for both wood and packaging or pallet materials made of wood. There are a number of countries where wood packaging material (WPM) must be treated and labeled in accordance with ISPM 15.

What is a phytosanitary certificate?

A phytosanitary certificate is a document of an international standard, the issue of which is regulated by the NPPO (National Plant Protection Organization) of the exporting country. The certificate issued certifies that the goods comply with all phytosanitary requirements. This document must travel with the other transport documents.

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Why is the phytosanitary certificate issued at Klaipeda?

The phytosanitary certificate for products of plant origin is issued according to the place of loading of products, so after the loading at Klaipeda port will issue the certificate in Klaipeda NPPO. In the case of imports to ES, the phytosanitary certificate issued by the control authority of the exporting country will have to be submitted to the authority carrying control of the import production or the wooden packaging on which the production is loaded. If the items.

A phytosanitary certificate for re-export

Where plants, plant products and related objects requiring phytosanitary control have been imported from Non-European Union country or have been distributed, transshipped to another means of transport, or the owner of the cargo has changed, or are dispatched to another non-Member Country of the European Union, phytosanitary re-export certificate can be issued. The certificate shall be issued if the plants, plant products and related objects comply with the phytosanitary requirements of the importing country. The re-export certificate shall be accompanied by the original of the phytosanitary certificate or by a certified copy of this certificate.

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