Rail transport

Lithuanian railway network

Rail transport in Lithuania is very well developed and the current total length of the lines of the railway network is 1868.8 km: of which 1520 mm gauge – 1745.8 km, 1435 mm track gauge – 123 km. The 1520 mm gauge railways connect Lithuania to the Baltic States and CIS countries, the 1435 mm gauge railways connect Lithuania with Poland and via Poland to other western and central European countries. There are 104 stations, 545 level crossings, 410 viaducts and bridges on the Railway lines of Lithuania.

Corridors for the European rail network

Lithuania’s geographical location has led to the crossing of our country by two transport corridors across Europe:

  • North-South corridor Tallinn – Riga – Kaunas – Warsaw and its offshoot Šiauliai – Kaliningrad – Gdansk;
  • The east-west corridor branches Kiev – Minsk – Vilnius – Kaunas – Klaipeda and  Kaunas – Kaliningrad.

These corridors were approved at European transport conferences in Crete and Helsinki. Following Lithuania’s accession to the European Union, they became part of the PAN-European transport network TEN-T.

The European transport corridor is also included in the lists of lines AGC, CIM and CIV (AGC – European Agreement on Main International Lines, CIM – Uniform Rules for the International Carriage of Goods by Rail, CIV – Uniform Rules for the International Contract for The Carriage of Passengers and Baggage by Rail).


This is one of the cheapest ways of transporting large quantities of goods over long distance. Transport costs are reduced to 30 percent compared to road transport. Therefore, when choosing a mode of transport, rail transport has the most optimal price-speed ratio compared to truck and air transport.

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