Rail freight transport and the rental of wagons have many advantages over other modes of transport. This allows large quantities of goods to be transported over long distances. Like every transport mode, rail transport has advantages and disadvantages.


  • Transport of large quantities of goods over long distances;
  • High transport security;
  • Road load reduction;
  • Lower CO2 emissions;
  • Regularity of shipments;
  • Low dependence on weather conditions;
  • Accurate compliance with departure/arrival schedules;
  • Relatively rare faults;
  • Low cost of shipments.


  • Low maneuverability;
  • Different track width in certain countries;
  • Necessity of access sidings.


We offer the following rail freight services to our customers:

  • Transportation of cargo to/from the railway freight station;
  • Haulage of  full and partial cargoes;
  • Container haulage;
  • Wagon rental services;
  • Transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes;
  • Transshipment of goods to/from different types of transport;
  • Handling of cargo documents;
  • Control of the movement of wagons and containers;
  • Multimodal transport;
  • Carriage by train to/from the People’s Republic of China;
  • Transportation by trains Viking, Sun, Mercury and Vilnius Shuttle.

Rail freight transport do require a rail wagon, so the price offer without the wagon itself is null and void, as without rail car the supplier will not be able to load the order.  In our commercial offers we always offer haulage and wagon rent in separate lines.

Our range includes:

Container haulage

Railway freight transport and wagon rental is just one of our activities that we are engaged in. We also rent sea containers and arrange container haulage from China and CIS countries by rail. We also arrange shunting of carriers/own containers to and from the necessary railway stations. Some marine carriers have stocks in major Russian cities so this enables us to “drop” an empty containers there. This option is very cost saving cause there is no need to return empty container back. In the case of exports, empty containers may be ‘picked up’ at the required station and used for the carriage of goods, thereby reducing empty haulage and total transport price.

When containers are loaded on railway platforms, it is possible utilize maximum payload. For example 29 tonnes of wood in a 40-foot container or 29 tonnes of fertilizers in a 20-foot container. Goods with such heavy weights could not be transported by road legally. Rail haulage enables such heavy goods transports without reloading of cargoes.

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