Removal and packaging services In the United Kingdom – Lithuania is a rapidly growing service. After all, today, in case of uncertainty about the spread of Covid and a slowing economy, more and more Lithuanians are choosing to return home.

We provide the following services to our clients:

  • Packaging of household items,
  • marking and marking of boxes;
  • trade in packaging materials;
  • loading services,
  • carriage of partial cargoes by sea and land,
  • carriage of goodsin containers or land vehicles,
  • consolidation and storage of goods in warehouses,
  • full customs procedures,
  • installation of furniture and household appliances,
  • transportation of oversize and heavy goods.

Packaging of household items

A professional, punctual team of removal workers will take care of moving your apartment, office, shop or house from the desired place to the right one. The team will properly prepare the items for transportation. We will pack, wrap, put protective materials in boxes and load things. We will perform the service both in the UK and in Lithuania.

Marking of boxes

Chargers and transport companies, seeing signs on the packaging, such as the drawn rainstorm, understand that the box should be protected from rain and stored in a place protected from moisture. The cup depicted on the cargo box means that there is a fragile product inside the package that can be easily damaged when dropped and must be handled safely and carefully.

We will take care of the correct ticking of everyone during each packaging process and your household items will reach the final point of supply safe and intact.

Trade in packaging materials

Packaging materials are an important element of the supply chain. Proper packaging of products ensures their safe transportation. And products transported safely and without damage are part of a successful business. Customer needs are important to us, therefore, not only a wide selection of packaging materials is offered, but also free consultations. After ordering the materials, bring them to the packing site. JSC Onze’s assortment includes:

Stevedoring services

We load packaged cargoes both mechanized and hand-held. Depending on the size, quantity and weight of the cargo, we will select the necessary command and loading equipment for loading/unloading cargo to/from vehicles or containers. At your request, we will take the cargo to the required floor and place it where you wish.

Transportation of partial and full cargoes by sea and land route United Kingdom – Lithuania

Each cargo transportation will be economical only if we correctly arrange the logistical processes. Depending on the amount of cargo, we will choose the most optimal vehicle and route. When transporting goods by minibuses, or cars with lifts, the transit time will be faster, but the cost of transportation is higher. When transporting goods in full semi-trailers, the transport/delivery time increases, but the cost of transportation decreases. When transporting cargo in containers, the transport time is the longest, but the price will be the lowest.

Consolidation and storage of goods in warehouses

By consolidating partial loads in consolidation warehouses, the transportation process is optimized, as the volume and weight of the vehicle are used optimally. In the case of transport of goods, this leads to a slight increase in transport time. One of the advantages of such transport is the possibility of storing cargo in intermediate warehouses, if you can not accept cargo on arrival. We can postpone the delivery deadline for a practically unlimited number of days.

Full customs procedures

We carry out all necessary customs procedures for persons changing their place of residence. In the United Kingdom, it will be necessary to form a procedure for the export of personal belongings. You can get more information about import procedures in Lithuania by clicking HERE on the Customs page of the Republic of Lithuania.

Selection, loading, transportation and installation of furniture and household appliances

We operate in various vehicles that are fully prepared for transportation of furniture, equipment and electronics. Cars are specially used to safely transport cargo. They are equipped with space for fastening belts, which allows furniture of various shapes and sizes to be properly reinforced. Upon request, we will be able to choose or assemble furniture and household appliances.

Transportation and loading of oversize and heavy goods

We organize transportation and loading of oversize and heavy goods from/to vehicles. If you change to transport a piano or safe, be sure to inform JSC Onze team about it. We ask for this because 2 loaders are not enough to load heavy and over-sized cargo.

Removal services on the United Kingdom – Lithuania route qualitative standards

There are high qualitative requirements for removal services on the United Kingdom – Lithuania route, so we are sure that you will be fully satisfied with the service provided. Save your time and link with JSC Onze logistics experts today.

Removal and packaging services United Kingdom – Lithuania qualitative matters

JSC Onze raises very high qualitative requirements for this service, so you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality service and service both in Lithuania and in the United Kingdom. Save your time and money and already today link with JSC Onze professional team!