Transportation of diplomatic cargo to any country in the world

The transportation of diplomatic cargo to any country in the world can be organized from and to any country in the world. Services are provided to both Lithuanian and foreign embassies and diplomats. Our customers can be assured that the transportation of their personal belongings, furniture and vehicles is and will be carried out on the highest standards and with the greatest care. JSC Onze will ensure fast, timely and well-organized delivery service.

The company employs a team of real professionals whose organizational abilities, contracts with qualified and certified air and land carriers, container lines, airports, cargo terminals are your cargo delivery guarantee. Our network of international partners allows you to deliver cargo to any country in the world, reload and arrive at the customer’s preferred destination just and time. We transport cargo by four modes of transport : air, sea, road and rail. Depending on the quantity of cargo, we will choose the most suitable transport vehicle and means of transport, route, we will calculate the optimal transport price and offer you high-end service.

Each item has its own special packaging, loading and transportation requirements and JAC Onze team will help you in solving the following tasks as well:

  • transportation of personal belongings;
  • packaging of personal belongings;
  • calculation of the planned volume of packaged items;
  • drawing up a packing sheet;
  • transportation of furniture,
  • transport of vehicles;
  • fastening of loads on the vehicle;
  • calculation of transit time;
  • unloading and loading processes;
  • customs procedures and documentation in the countries of departure and arrival;
  • door-to-door delivery of cargo;
  • special packaging materials;
  • storage of cargo in cargo terminals or ports.

The transportation of diplomatic cargoes to any country in the world is a very important part of the services provided by JSC Onze. The professional team ensures proper packaging, loading, transportation of cargo, customs clearance.

Why is it worth choosing JSC Onze services for diplomats, embassies and representative offices?

  • We quickly and reliably perform all the necessary services;
  • you get all services from one hand;
  • We perform customs brokerage services both in the country of departure and in the country of arrival;
  • Favorable price of our services

Contact JSC Onze team and we will solve your removal problems.

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