Mobile equipment for grain loading into marine containers is designed for convenient and fast loading of grain into marine 20′-foot containers. We will deliver this mobile equipment package to any location, which will provide more flexibility and advantages over loading to containers in port area. The equipment package consist of:

  • loading equipment to be mounted on the container (capacity about 15 min./container)*;
  • an forklift loader with a driver for the installation/removal of equipment,
  • van with all the necessary means and materials (liners, wooden bulkheads for liner support, container cleaning and preparation equipment);
  • Operator

This is how mobile equipment looks like.

Mobile equipment for fast grain loading into marine containers
Mobile equipment for fast grain loading into marine containers

* Equipment requires grain feed from above

Operational principle of equipment

The smooth operation of the equipment requires maintaining the specified dimensions.

Grain feed scheme

This will let achieve the desired grain speed and smoothly load the container. At lower altitudes, the device will work, but the container loading time will be longer.

The height of the standard container is 1.1-1.2 meters, and the outer height of the 20′ ft container is 2.6 meters. These grains should start to fall from a height of about 4.8 meters.

The operation of the equipment requires a three-phase voltage of 380-430 volts and a total power of equipment of 11 kW. The operating principle of the device is simple. The device uses a belt that is supported by two rolls and rotates at high speed. The material falls on the belt, accelerates and is thrown from the loader into the container.

Principle of operation

Dimensions of installed device

The dimensions and fastening of the unit on the container are indicated below.

Dimensions of installed device

Liner bag

We will use a some special liner for container. We have both polypropylene and laminated polypropylene liners in our stock.

Liner dimensions

During the loading process, the liner is filled with air, which helps the cargo to easily reach the most distant parts of the container. At the same time, the inflated container insert absorbs the shocks of the grain culture. So grains do not hit the metal directly, what significantly reduces the number of broken grains during the loading.

Additional services

Together with the cargo loading, we will also offer maritime freight, land transport services, we will carry out surveyor or fumigation services. We will fulfill an export declaration upon your request and we will withdraw a phytosanitary or certificate of origin.

If you are interested in mobile equipment for loading grains into marine containers and the possibility quickly load containers in your backyard or elevatorcontact us today. Get all logistic services from one supplier. It’s convenient.