UAB Onzė specializes in bulk cargo packaging. We have extensive experience in packing a wide range of bulk cargoes. Since we dispose of cargo packaging equipment in Klaipeda city, we will fulfill your packing order quickly and qualitatively. We will accept loose goods by rail, truck or vessel and can use the same modes of transport as for packed cargo departure.

For your convenience, we pack bulk cargoes into bags, buckets, big bags or a 20′ foot container with a lineror other required packaging. We can pack to the customer or our supplied pakaging. We put monochrome or multi-colour stencils on the packaging. If we pack bulk cargoes into polyethylene bags, we can use melting for securing the bag; in the case of polypropylene bags or polypropylene bags with a polyethylene liner, we will sew the bags.

The most common packaged bulk cargoes:

  • fertilizers;
  • cereals;
  • gravel;
  • pellets:
  • salt;
  • sand:
  • various other substances;
  • coal;
  • dolomite and granite rubble.

Sometimes the reverse process is also required – to cut goods package and make cargo loose again. This process is very popular with customers buying non-conventional products. We have experience in praising moisture-damaged fertilizers from big bags, sifting through a sieve and separating the jumped pieces from good bulk fertilizers.

Bulk packing a is a process which requires some additional services. We provide the following additional services:

We load liquid loads such as molasses, oils, oils, fertilizers into tanks, tank containers, IBC’s or containers with built-in flexitank. We will provide more information by phone or e-mail.