Transportation of goods by road is one of the activities carried out by JSC ONZE. Entrust your land cargoes to us and you will definitely remain satisfied with the quality of the transport service provided. By road we also can reach the farthest parts of the world, such as China or Kazakhstan. Read more about this service here.

When other modes of transport (sea, air, rail) start and end at certain terminals, the roads are used to ensure deliveries between the terminals (delivery of goods directly to their destination). It is essentially the one and only mode of transport that ensures door-to-door transport. In addition, the roads ensure a high level of manoeuvrability, i.e. . each truck works relatively independently of other trucks.

We offer customers different types of vehicle transports. We carry goods from 100 kg to 200 t. In other words, we are engaged in the transport of partial loads, full loads, and the transport and forwarding of oversized and heavy goods.

The transportation of goods by road has advantages and disadvantages:

  • high manoeuvrability;
  • door-to-door transport;
  • high speed (depending on the density of the area’s road network);
  • the possibility of carrying small batches of goods;
  • high cost of shipments (due to the low capacity of vehicles);
  • pollution and emergency.

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