Transportation of heavy and oversized cargoes

Transport of heavy and oversized goods by vessels, rail, road and air transport. We transport oversized (heavy) goods with dimensions or weight significantly higher than the permitted sizes and weights in the countries where oversized goods are transported.

oversized cargo transportation tasks

JSC ONZE transports oversized and heavy goods within Lithuania and abroad. Oversized cargo transportation is a rather difficult task, requiring a lot of knowledge, connections (inland carriers, heavy lift shipowners, stevedoring companies), and experience in organizing such complex transportation. And the experience comes through hard work, through situations where something is not going according to plan. Sometimes it is necessary to react lightning-fast – seeing what might be the consequences of possible incapacity. This is difference between amateur and professional in process of heavy and oversized cargo transportation.

We transport the following cargoes:

  • metal products and constructions;
  • modular and frame houses;
  • industrial equipment;
  • reinforced concrete products;
  • yachts and boats;
  • other oversized objects, which dimensions exceed the sizes of the standard loads.

Our services:

  • Consulting, selection of optimal transportation solution;
  • Preparation of non-standard freight routes and delivery conditions;
  • Multimodal routes (road, rail, maritime transport);
  • Clearance of allowances for the transport of oversized and heavy goods;
  • Pilot services for of heavy and oversized transport;
  • Preparation for the stevedoring ops, cargo plans, calculations of the load positioning, calculation of the loads;
  • Selection of special equipment for cargo loading;
  • Stevedoring works and control of these operations
  • Insurance and other necessary services.

Loading and discharging operations in intermediate ports

The transport of heavy and oversized goods will include stevedoring services in intermediate ports. Because we have strong connections with port stevedores , shipping companies and have reliable network of agents worldwide we provide quality forwarding services.

Crane transport

We organize transportation of fully assembled cranes by RORO and heavylift ships.

Work only with professionals

The transportation of heavy and oversized cargoes is a complex process and not all companies are trustworthy. We work with proven partners only – experts of oversized cargo transportation. Entrust the transportation of goods to a reliable and professional JSC Onze stuff.