Transporting modular houses by vessel, stevedoring and transport by road is an interesting and sufficiently complex process. This requires a rather careful preparation, responsible planning, and consistent execution. The experience of transporting modular houses is a great advantage in such responsible projects. This allows foresee the difficulties that may arise and avoid them. It is necessary to pay attention even to the small details, which are often the beginning of a larger problem.

Transport by sea

Transport by sea is often a much cheaper transport than land transport. However, a significant amount of cargo is needed to be stocked up in the port. It is recommended to transport individual modules or small quantities of modules by land transport. Depending on the quantity of cargo, the size of the vessel shall be selected. Many factors are taken into account, such as the size of modules, the ability to stoop in the hold or load on deck, fixing points, shall full or partial vessel be chartered.

By ship cargoes can also be transported to very remote points where road transport or rail transport is complicated or not possible at all. Such as. North of Norway or Iceland.

Loading/discharging operations and securing services in ports

The transport of modular houses by vessels usually consists of several processes. Another important part is stevedoring services. We organize the loading and unloading of modular houses to/from ships, storage and unloading and loading on motor vehicles. We also arrange all the necessary customs documents.

The establishment and execution of a loading plan is of particular importance for the carriage of cargo by vessels. The cargo plan is issued by the the master of the ship, taking to consideration a very large number of aspects. Cargo weight, vessel size, hold size, fasteners, fastening method, existing bulkheads, forces within operated vessel and a number of different factors leading to some or other solutions. It is essential to secure the cargo on board flawlessly in accordance with the approval schemes agreed with the master of the vessel. We always find a common language with both the captain and the port loading companies and we do the work flawlessly.

Transport by road

In the case of modular house construction projects, the delivery time of the cargo to the construction site is of particular importance. Because it’s not only an expensive crane standing at the site, but also huge number of workers whose working hours are also expensive. We organize deliveries by road transport in such a way that, at the scheduled time, the vehicle with the required load is in the right place. The average delay time of our projects was 20 minutes. And that is a really good result.

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