Transport of liquid cargoes

The transport of liquid cargoes is very responsible process and requires a lot of specific knowledge and experience. Special vehiclesare used to transport liquid bulk goods. If necessary, transport by sea shall be executed by tankers, tank containers or containers with installed flexi tanks. In the case of carriage by road – road tankers, tank wagons, various tank containers and containers with flexitanks can be used. There are several transport options by land- by rail and by road.

We carry the following goods:

  • petroleum products – gasoline, diesel, and various lubricants and oils, bitumen.
  • raw food – vegetable oils, syrups, juices, milk and alcoholic beverages
  • chemical substances.

Of course all cargo can be transported packing into smaller pakages such as IBC containers or drums. In order to be able to transport packaged goods we offer a liquid cargo reloading services at Klaipeda port.

Petroleum products – gasoline, diesel, and various lubricants and oils

For the transport of petroleum products by sea, special purpose vessels – tankers – are used. If necessary, 20’TK or 23’TK containers may be used to transport various oils in smaller quantities. In order to simplify and reduce the costs of oil carriage, we transport oils in a 20’DC container with an installed flexi tank. Since we have in stock various types and dimensions flexi tanks, we offer the customer a complete package of services. If you need to arrnange haulage og cargo by land transport – by road tankers. If necessary, we will transport cargo from Russia, with 2 X 20’TK on a single universal rail platform or by railway tank wagon.

Shipment of bitumen

One of the very specific loads is bitumen. Its specialty is hot load is in liquid state, and cool – the load becomes solid. So special vehicles designed to withstand temperatures up to 250 °C are used for the transport of bitumen. Semi-trailers are used for transport by land, while special containers are used to carry by sea transport.

Raw materials for the food industry

Raw materials for the food industry are liquid products which are used as additives in the food industry. Milk and other liquid dairy products, various berry and fruit juices or syrups, various types of refined oil, vinegar, alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, brandy, vodka, cider and other) are main cargoes we carry. As we have experience in the transport of liquid goods, we know the requirements of storage and transport, the legislation and strict hygiene standards.

We transport food industry raw materials by all types of transport – sea, rail, road and air.

Excise warehouse in Klaipeda and Riga

If you transport excise goods, we will carry out transport, loading/discharging operations and cargo storage.

Interested? Depending on the liquid cargo, we will choose the most suitable transport option and, within the agreed deadline, will safely transport Your cargo to the location You have specified. Get in touch with us today.