Klaipėda, Lithuania – is the heart of the fastest-growing region in the nation an area with a rapidly growing demand for break bulk cargo in the Eastern Europe. Onze offers worldwide cargo service from more than 40 ocean carriers including direct service to Asia.

Asia, North, East and Western Europe – Onze has convenient access to the region’s major highways and rail connections with interstates from the terminal and service.

Daily intermodal train Klaipeda – Vilnius and vice versa. Trains from/to China. Train Merkurijus. Train Saule. Viking Train.

Klaipeda port offers access to a skilled labor force with decades of break bulk experience.

Onze dedicated sales team and terminal operators offer customized shipping solutions tailored to the efficient handling of a variety of break bulk everything from reefer and fruit to construction materials and palletized cargo.

Our stevedoring terminal operators have been working with the customers for many many years. They understand the needs of the customers understand how to safely efficiently and cost-effectively move the product from the vessel to the peers through the warehouse and out the gate or vice versa for export cargo.

Onze equal balance of imports and exports provides backhaul opportunities for exporters making the most of your transportation budget with a skilled and diversified labor force the ability to handle a variety of break bulk cargo and the best rail and highway connections in the Eastern Europe.